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Sat, 17 Jun




The technique developed by Dr. Stan Grof for the experience of an altered state of consciousness, focused on spontaneous inner healing potential and self-discovery. It is a combination of controlled breathing, music and various other forms of sound technology, and targeted release of blocked body energy.

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Čas a místo

17 Jun 2023, 08:30 – 20:00

Prague, 196 00 Praha-Cakovice, Česko

O události

The seminar will take place in one day, we will meet at 8:30. The end depends on the number of participants (1 - 12) by approximately 8 p.m.

We will first get to know each other briefly and answer any possible questions. Then holotropic breathing takes place. After a break to draw a mandala, which captures the core experiences of the session, and a space for refreshments, the second breathing will take place (Everyone will breathe once, they just take turns in the role of "sitter" and breather). We will close the seminar by sharing experiences and instructions for their subsequent integration.

For those who have never taken holotropic breathing before, we will organize an introductory talk about the technique before the seminar itself.

You need with you:

  • scarf or blindfold
  • towel
  • comfortable and loose clothing
  • drinking bottle
  • a blanket

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