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Consciousness is something more than the product of the neurons of our brain.

Stanislav Grof


What is it?

Holotropic Breathwork is a method developed by the Czech psychiatrist Stanislav Grof and his wife Christina. Stanislav Grof devoted himself to the research of human consciousness, especially its extraordinary states, which were induced by the ingestion of psychotropic substances. After banning experimentation with these substances, the Grofs sought to find a harmless yet effective method of bringing about such experiences. This method is Holotropic Breathwork.


The Holotropic Breathwork method is based on the assumption of the possibility of inducing extraordinary states of consciousness by means of intensive breathing. Stanislav Grof uses the term Holotropic Therapy to describe a treatment procedure that is a combination of controlled breathing, music and targeted work with the body (body work).


How is it going?

Prior the beginning of Holotropic Breathwork session, the participants are introduced to the course of breathwork and what may emerge during the session. Most often, Holotropic Breathwork takes place in groups, but individual sessions are also possible.
A pair is formed: the breather and the sitter who sits next to breather during the session and provides a safe space and necessary support (give him a drink or a tissue, take him to the toilet) to the breathing person. Breathers are asked to tie their eyes with a scarf, or at least keep their eyes closed, and lie down comfortably. They are advised to focus on inner processes and not to evaluate or try to influence them in any way.
The breathwork itself usually starts with a short meditation and relaxation, after which music is added. Sessions usually last around three hours.
After breathwork, a mandala is drawn, where the breather draws his experiences. The subsequent sharing with other participants is part of the integration of experiences.


Why take part in Holotropic Breathwork?

Holotropic Therapy is based on the assumption that the body itself has hidden means of its own treatment that need to be activated.
This therapy serves to look deep into one's own psyche and allows reliving some of life's traumatic moments in an extraordinary state of consciousness, where Holotropic Breathwork facilitates the removal of various psychological blocks. It allows not only a better understanding of oneself, but also an improvement of the relationship with other people. Holotropic Breathwork is a technique of self-development and self-discovery.


Who is Holotropic Breathwork suitable for?

  • Are you interested in working on yourself and deeper self-knowledge?

  • Are you looking for a more meaningful approach to life?

  • Did you grow up in a disharmonious family?

  • Are you experiencing critical changes or crisis in your life?

  • Do you work with others as therapist, coach, health worker, counselor?


Who is this method definitely not suitable for?

Holotropic Breathwork can be emotionally and physically demanding. Here are the individual contraindications:

  • cardiovascular diseases

  • high blood pressure -  hypertension

  • some types of epilepsy

  • glaucoma

  • vascular bulge - aneurysm

  • suffered a head injury associated with bleeding in the brain

  • more serious mental illnesses

  • infectious diseases

  • more serious mental disorders

  • use of drugs, alcohol or other addictive substances

  • pregnancy


...where and how much?

I'm currently completing my training, so I'm not running the courses by myself yet.
I gather the necessary experience in Míra Kašpar's team in Skřidla near to České Budějovice (see below - Skřidla) and I occasionally help Jiřina Macháčková in Liberec (see Ecology of the soul and the world below).

Cluster hvězda

"The breath is the king of the mind."

BKS Iyengar

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