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Photo of Sarka Hanzlik

Who I am?

I have been working as a manager in corporate companies in payroll area for more than 12 years. I am currently working as Payroll Manager at Amazon focusing on German-speaking countries.

I am interested in leadership, motivating people and developing their strengths. In the work environment, my passion is to put together a functional team that practically does not need me at the end of my tenure. After that I know I can move on.


I am fortunate to be able to devote a large part of my life to activities that I enjoy and find fulfilling.

  • As a manager, I happy to see my team members gaining independence, developing their skills and (not only) growing in their careers. The moment they no longer need me is priceless to me.

  • As a coach, it fills me with joy when I can be present at life changes of my clients. It is incredible how few conversations can bring a change. It always makes me happy to follow their journey and watch them gradually improve their lives.

  • As a Holotropioc Breathwork facilitator, I will never stop being amazed, how effective this method is. Every time I feel deep gratitude when I see how clients have fixed something in their lives, how they have been relieved or come up with something important. I am always grateful that I had the opportunity to be there and provide a safe space.

I enjoy working with people if they want to work on themselves, especially if clients have the courage and desire to develop more deeply with an overlap into the spiritual realm.


Training in coaching and working effectively with people / Milan Bobek (2020 - 2021)

- accredited Practitioner Level coach – EMCC (2022 - present)

Newton University: Economics and Management (2019 - 2022)

Professional focus: Management and psychology(Bachelor's degree)

Newton University: Economics and Management (2023 - Present)

Professional focus: Human resource management (Master's degree)

Training in transpersonal psychology and holotropic breathing / Grof Transpersonal Training (USA) (2017 – 2023)


  • The Art and Practice of Integration (2017)

  • Psychedelic Experience: Promises and Perils (2017)

  • The Power of Trust and Connection: Transforming through Compassion (2017)

  • The Power within: The Practice of Holotropic Breathwork (2017, 2018)

  • Spiritual Emergency / Embracing Unexpected Transformations (2018)

  • Music and Transcendence (2018)

  • The Holotropic Paradigm (2019)

  • Certification Intensive (2023)

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies (2023–present)

Basic Workshop: The Way of Shaman (2023)

Creative thinking courses / School of Communication (2019), Tomáš Sedláček (2019)

Unlocking human potential course / Jan Mühlfeit (2019)

Yoga instructor

coach II classes specializing in Yoga therapy, time allocation 200 teaching hours / Blanka Janíčková - educational center (2017)

DEEP ABREAKTIVE PSYCHOTHERAPY / Dragomirecký - 1st degree / Pavel Sobek (2016)

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