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I met Šárka at a coach training. I don't think I know a person who is more different than I am. At first, we thought that neither of us would be 'our cup of coffee'. Maybe that's why we found our way to each other over time and she helped me immensely as a coach. She had the right perspective thanks to which she asked me really relevant questions.

Thanks to Šárka, I was able to solve personal and work issues. Although we are very different in character and opinion, she showed a huge amount of respect and professionalism during coaching. I never got the feeling that she didn't take the topic I was dealing with seriously. I always had her undivided attention and genuine interest in helping me.

She suited me extremely well as a coach, and that's why I want to return to our cooperation again and I'm looking forward to it.

Dagmar L.

Martina Ch.

I had several very pleasant sessions with Šárka, during which she helped me root out the causes of my issues and start very effective procedures, thanks to which I was able to move forward in my self-development. We were able to completely process some topics, for others Šárka had no problem redirecting me to a therapist, because she was able to clearly distinguish what is suitable for coaching and what is not. I was very satisfied with her procedures and questions, which really force a person to look at things from different points of view, or even calmly understand and accept the behavior of others. Thanks to the diversity of my topics, I think Šárka is a very flexible coach.
Šárka can approach coaching holistically, using both a rational and an emotional approach. As a client, she gave me enough freedom, but at the same time she was able to correctly recognize when it is necessary to push a little and not let me run away from important but unpleasant facts.
I liked that she approached my problem with an open mind and without prejudice, even though we know each other very well and she could easily get carried away trying to offer her own opinion.
I think she can recognize subtle and important details for the client, she can point them out naturally, but she has no problem leaving them if they don't resonating with the client. We managed to solve my topic in one meeting, although at the beginning I thought it would be a more demanding and long-term process.

Victor J.

Marcela S.

Coaching with Šárka is always a pleasure for me.
Her calm and deliberate demeanor gives me a sense of security, unlimited acceptance, and above all I know that she will not judge me for anything I say to her and  that is very important.
She accompanies me on the very winding path of my life and supports me constantly. She knows that I run away from problems and she can always bring me back and go to the depths where I would hardly dare to go myself. This helps me find new solutions to my problems that were invisible to me until now. I really like her professional behavior.
I appreciate that she has time for me anytime, despite her heavy workload. She gives me her full attention and interest during our sessions.
Šárka is a great support for me and I always like to be coached again.
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Šárka Hanzlík, as a coach, helped me to focus and re-dedicate myself to a sport activity that I had been determined to do for a long time, but I lacked sufficient motivation for it due to the covid restrictions.

First of all, we focused on finding the essence of the problem and identifying the internal obstacles that prevented me from my intention. Subsequently, Šárka helped me set sub-goals that were easier for me to fulfill and so that their fulfillment was not stressful for me. We subsequently analyzed the success in achieving them together. Achieving them thus gradually became for me a pastime that brings me satisfaction. I especially appreciate her perceptive approach, when I didn't feel any pressure from her, which would probably be rather discouraging for me personally, and I will be happy to turn to her as a coach again if necessary.

Tomas M.

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